Best seller in September: HALO

Halo Cigs has been a fixture of the e-cigarette industry for nearly as long as the industry has existed in the United States. Throughout their existence, reviewers have given Halo consistently high marks for the quality, variety and performance of their American-made e-liquids.



  • “I have been smoking roughly a pack a day for 20 years.  I never had the “smoker’s cough” but I did have wheezing at night and was always short of breath.  I got into vaping through a friend at work.  I noticed that he wasn’t taking smoke breaks.  I talked


  • “I was a smoker for 24 years.  When my kids asked me to stop, I figured it was time!  My fiancé heard the eFactor Vape ad on the radio and we decided to give vaping a try; it was the best choice ever!  I have been vaping for around 3


  • I have been vaping exclusively (no analogs) for about 6 weeks. I used to cough a lot, especially in the morning. I also had tons of yucky phlegm with my cough. Well, its all gone. I am amazed! I also get up the stairs easier than I used to. Yayy


  • Efactor is the best place for vaping. They have a really cool staff who helped me kick the cigarette habit. Thanks Efactor!

    Elizabeth N.

  • “I started smoking as a kid.  A couple of my friends started vaping.  I tried theirs from time to time and originally wasn’t too keen on it.  Then one day I said “I’m going to go for it and buy a vape pen.”  I bought one, then, not even completely


  • i started smoking at the age of 18 and smoked about 2 packs of marlboros every week. Once i started vaping i was easily able to go from a 18 nicotine juice to a whopping 0 nic. vaping has truly changed my life.  


  • “I found out my mother had cancer and together, we both decided to quit smoking and try vaping.  We’ve both been smoke free from day one without much effort or need to want to smoke again.  It {vaping} has opened a new perception of life and possible career choices.  VAPE