Chubby Bubble

  • Tastes like purple! If you've heard of Chubby Bubble, then it's likely you've heard of Chubby Bubble Purp. This is THE classic shredded grape bubblegum in a pouch we all remember from the vendors at baseball games as a kid. Send your taste buds back in time and try one today!

  • Chubby Bubble Vapes is a classic lineup of fruity bubble gum e-liquids made for vapers looking for robust flavor. Green Apple Chubby Bubble delivers a sweet bubble gum flavor accentuated by tart granny smith apple.

  • If you're looking for sour blue raspberry candy flavor then this is the juice for you! Boasting one of the most delicious and slightly puckering sour flavors we've ever tried here at EFactor. While most of the Chubby Bubble line has bold bubblegum flavor, this one is mostly berry and sour notes, making it reminiscent…